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  • The Problem with Email Marketing

    Email is the lifeblood of modern marketing, yet companies are left building static email campaigns that don't drive customers effectively towards their goals. Marketers interested in personalization are forced to either build and tweak complex decision trees or not optimize their campaigns at all.

  • Our Solution

    We built a suite of algorithms designed to learn from real-time customer behaviors and optimize email marketing campaigns to drive customers most effectively towards your goals. No longer are you limited to analyzing reads and click — optimize your campaigns for the things that matter, like purchasing, sharing, and retention.

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Continuous experimentation

Optimail explores email strategies to determine the strategy that works best for your customers. It also tailors its strategy to individual customers based on their behaviors and feedback.

Artificial intelligence for everyone

Typical tools with artificial intelligence require up-front investment and custom development that only enterprise companies can afford. With Optimail, anyone can get started in just minutes.

5-minute integration

Optimail integrates into your existing website or app with a simple code snippet. No software development required.

  • Marvin
    “Optimail took our existing onboarding campaign and increased engagement by 25% — all while sending 20% fewer emails!”
    Marvin Russell
    Founder — Checkli

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