Case Study: Increasing Provider Engagement with Artificial Intelligence

Jacob Zweig
Co-Founder, Principal Consultant

In a recent project, Strong worked with a top 5 global pharmaceutical company to build and deploy an artificially intelligent multi-channel promotional outreach engine across multiple strategic brand portfolios. Their existing process of engaging providers was highly manual and limited their ability to coordinate across brands, leading to substantial inefficiencies. In addition, their current strategy only considered aggregate customer segments, rather than leveraging individual provider traits and behaviors.

Engaging More Effectively Using AI

Our client's goal was to build a single integrated provider marketing strategy powered by artificial intelligence. To do so, we had to predict not only how likely individual providers are likely to engage, but also how to intervene to change their probability of engagement. Additionally, as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, the data volume meant our solution had to be robust and architected to operate at scale.

Our Solution

We built a custom solution leveraging our platform for enterprise reinforcement learning applications, Strong RL. This application automates provider engagement across multiple strategic brands and channels using up-to-date information about each individual provider's traits, behaviors, and patient populations. The system, which is deployed on-premise within our client's infrastructure, is powered by Strong RL, Apache Spark, and Tensorflow.


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