Our Team

Based in Chicago. Reaching the world.

We are ML/AI experts.

Strong Analytics is a leading provider of custom machine learning software and solutions.

Our team of machine learning scientists and engineers brings a wealth of cross-industry experience building and deploying machine learning solutions to organizations' most challenging problems.

Our Values


We’re dedicated to our clients. Your needs and problems always come first, and only with a deep understanding of your business can we solve those problems.


Data science is a complex and dynamic industry that’s frequently misunderstood. That’s why our credibility is a cornerstone of our identity.


Every step of our process is defined by rigor. We validate results before sharing them, and we’re upfront with clients when we come across challenges in their data.


Collaboration flows between our clients, the Strong team, and the data science community as a whole. Internally, we share what we know freely, and we’re never afraid to ask each other for help.


We care about scalability and efficiency as much as our clients do. From our project management tools to our development process to our documentation, effectiveness is at the core of what we do.


We enjoy heated video game tournaments, communicating with far too many GIFs, and getting a bit goofy.

Join our growing team!

Top-tier benefits

We offer premium health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance for you and your family.

Flexible, remote work

Work from home with 4-weeks PTO and a flexible, low-meeting work schedule.

Collaborative and growth-focused

Learn from highly-skilled colleagues through collaborative work, weekly "lab meetings", and internal knowledge shares and tools.