Marketing Optimization with Media Mix Modeling: Strong's Approach

Introduction At Strong we’ve done a lot of work in the marketing space, building both models and applications to help clients meet their ne...

Marketing Optimization with Media Mix Modeling: Strong's Approach

By: Michael Clark
Strategy, Technical, Statistics, Marketing, Marketing Mix Modeling

Case Study: Using MTA to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

By: Grant Vermillion
Case Study, Pharmaceuticals, Marketing

Case Study: Optimizing Personalized Marketing Campaigns at Scale

By: Brock Ferguson
Case Study, Marketing, Real Estate

Case Study: One-to-One, Multi-Channel Marketing Optimization

By: Brock Ferguson
Case Studies, Gaming

Case Study: Optimizing Ingredients based on Geographic Demand

By: Joseph Day
Case Study, Foodservice

Case Study: Improving Visual Crop Detection Algorithm

By: Nina Singer
Case Study, Technology & Software, Agriculture

3 Uses of Large Language Models in the Travel Industry

By: Julian Whiting
News, Large Language Models, Travel

Applications of Generative AI: A Deep Dive into Models and Techniques

By: Jacob Zweig
Technical, Generative AI

5 Ways Machine Learning is Changing Pharmaceuticals

By: Jenna Rodrigues
News, Pharmaceuticals, Machine Learning

Multi-Touch Attribution: From Traditional Models to Deep Learning Approaches

By: Jacob Zweig
Technical, Marketing, Multi-Touch Attribution

How Machine Learning is Changing the Way We Learn

By: Jenna Rodrigues
Strategy, Machine Learning, Education

How to Use Marketing Mix Modeling to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

By: James Townend
Technical, Marketing, Marketing Mix Modeling
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