Strong Analytics Joins Forces with OneSix

For the past eight years, we have helped organizations of all sizes leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to solve their most challenging problems. As we have grown over the years, so too have the challenges we have taken on in collaboration with our clients. Specifically, it has become increasingly clear that capturing the most value from these state-of-the-art technologies depends on data preparation, governance, organizational change, and deep integration with myriad business applications.

To help businesses navigate this ever-widening landscape, we are thrilled to announce that Strong Analytics has joined forces with OneSix, a leader in data engineering that helps companies build the strategy, technology, and teams to unlock the power of their data. The combined company will be one of the first to connect the components of the value chain across data and AI solutions to deliver an end-to-end service offering for clients seeking to capture the transformative value of AI.

With the addition of Strong Analytics, OneSix becomes a uniquely powerful business partner to the enterprise, with a talent mix that is nearly impossible to find under one roof. The integrated team includes Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Experts, AI Engineers, and LLM Ops Experts—all working together to solve client problems.

To lead OneSix through its next phase of growth, industry veteran Dave Kilimnik, former CEO of Hero Digital, will serve as acting Chief Executive Officer.

"The acquisition of Strong Analytics is a game-changer for OneSix and our clients,” said Dave Kilimnik, Chief Executive Officer of OneSix. “By uniting our capabilities, we are setting a new standard in the industry, providing a seamless integration of data and AI solutions that will empower enterprises to unlock the transformative value of AI and drive meaningful business outcomes."

The Strong Analytics team, led by Brock Ferguson and Jacob Zweig, brings a wealth of cross-industry experience building and deploying ML and AI solutions. With deep expertise in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology, the joint portfolio boasts blue chip clients across mid-market and enterprise sectors.

"We are thrilled to be part of OneSix,” said Brock Ferguson, Co-Founder of Strong Analytics. “Our shared vision and complementary strengths will enable us to set a new benchmark for excellence in delivering AI and data-driven solutions to our clients."

OneSix’s partnership with Snowflake is poised to expand dramatically to keep up with demand for Snowflake specific services. While many partners in the Snowflake ecosystem can migrate data to the Snowflake cloud infrastructure, increased emphasis must be placed on getting value from data via high-impact business applications. OneSix’s new ML and AI service offerings are purpose-built to meet that need.

Amy Kodl, Vice President, GSI & Americas Alliances at Snowflake, said: "We look forward to the expanded capabilities that the OneSix and Strong Analytics merger can bring to the members of the Snowflake ecosystem. OneSix’s unique blend of data and AI expertise will empower our mutual customers to unlock new insights and drive impactful business outcomes."


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