Predictive Model ROI Calculator

One of the best tools in the data scientist’s toolkit is the ability to build predictive models that allow companies to act *before* somethi...

Predictive Model ROI Calculator

By: Brock Ferguson
Strategy, Predictive Model, ROI

Strong Data Science Scholarship

By: Brock Ferguson
Events, Scholarship

Case Study: Real-Time Food Inspection Using Deep Learning

By: Jacob Zweig
Case Study, Manufacturing, Computer Vision, Food Inspection

How Can Deep Learning Help Your SaaS Business?

By: Jacob Zweig
Strategy, Technology & Software, SaaS, Deep Learning

Introducing Optimail: Email Marketing Powered by Artificial Intelligence

By: Brock Ferguson
News, Machine Learning, Marketing

Is Data Science Only Useful for Companies with Big Data?

By: Brock Ferguson
Strategy, Data Science, Big Data

Customer Lifetime Value: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Build Smarter Metrics

By: Jacob Dink
Technical, Customer Lifetime Value, Metrics

Predicting Customer Behavior: How We Use Machine Learning to Identify Paying Customers Before They Subscribe

By: Brock Ferguson
Strategy, Machine Learning, Customer Behavior

Landing Page Science: How We Optimized the Conversion Rates of Over Ten Thousand Landing Pages

By: Brock Ferguson
Technical, Data Science, Optimization

Five Things Every Startup Should Be Doing with its Data

By: Brock Ferguson
Strategy, Data Management, Startups

Deep Neural Networks Go to the Movies

By: Jacob Zweig
Miscellaneous, Machine Learning, Entertainment

Movie Ratings: Do Critics and Fans See Eye-to-Eye?

By: Brock Ferguson
Miscellaneous, Data Science, Entertainment
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