Computer Vision

We specialize in building custom software solutions that leverage computer vision techniques to extract meaningful insights from images, videos, LiDAR data, and live streams.

By combining deep learning algorithms with traditional computer vision approaches, we enable businesses to identify, segment and track objects, unlocking valuable information and enhancing decision-making processes.

Computer Vision Applications

Object Detection and Tracking

Object detection is a fundamental computer vision application that involves identifying and localizing objects within images, and object tracking entails tracking the identities over time across, for example, video streams or other temporally-aware sensors. We build and apply object detection algorithms to accurately detect and track multiple objects in real-time. This technology can be applied to autonomous vehicles, surveillance systems, sports, and retail analytics to provide valuable insights and improve safety and efficiency.

Image Classification

Image classification is the process of assigning labels or categories to images based on their content. Today’s state-of-the-art image classification models, powered by deep learning, can accurately classify images into predefined classes. This can help with tasks such as content filtering, automated tagging, medical imaging diagnosis, and numerous other applications that require automated image understanding and categorization.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a powerful computer vision application that enables the identification and verification of individuals based on their facial features. Our facial recognition work utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze facial landmarks, patterns, and unique characteristics. This technology has applications in contexts such as access control systems, surveillance systems, and personalized marketing to enhance security and improve user experiences.

Image Segmentation

Image segmentation involves dividing an image into meaningful regions or objects. Our image segmentation algorithms utilize both traditional and deep learning techniques to accurately delineate objects and extract relevant information. This technology is essential for medical imaging analysis, autonomous navigation, content editing, and other applications that require precise object separation and understanding.

Video Analytics

Video analytics harnesses the power of computer vision to extract valuable insights and information from video streams. We leverage video analytics solutions to perform various tasks such as object tracking, activity recognition, crowd monitoring, and behavior analysis. This technology is applicable in settings such as security surveillance, retail analytics, sports, and traffic monitoring to provide actionable intelligence and enhance decision-making processes.

Computer Vision Approaches

Traditional Computer Vision Techniques

We leverage traditional computer vision techniques to extract meaningful features from images and videos. These features serve as the building blocks for higher-level analysis and understanding. We employ a variety of techniques, such as corner detection, edge detection, and scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT), to capture important visual cues and enable subsequent processing steps.

Deep Learning Techniques

We harness the power of deep learning algorithms, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), transformers, and recurrent neural networks (RNNs), to build highly accurate and robust computer vision models. Deep learning enables us to learn hierarchical representations from raw data, allowing for advanced tasks such as image recognition, object detection, tracking, and segmentation.

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