Strong Vision

Custom, continuously-improving deep learning vision models to solve your unique challenges.

Transform images into intelligence

Build, train, deploy, and monitor deep learning and computer vision applications faster than ever before.

Information contained within your organization's visual data has the power to transform your business. Finding meaning in visual data, however, can be daunting and time consuming. Strong Vision helps you accelerate the process of building, training, deploying, and monitoring custom deep learning and computer vision applications to solve your unique business challenges.

Key Features

Human-in-the-loop Learning

Maintain and deploy always-improving up-to-date models with a continuous feedback loop. Use a simple interface to tune and validate model predictions as new data are collected in the field.

Enterprise Scale

Take models from the lab to the real world with robust infrastructure and tooling that scales to your organization's largest challenges.


Your business has unique goals and challenges. Build custom models and applications to fit your enterprise's goals and business constraints using Strong Vision.

Featured Case Studies

Building the next generation of commercial vehicles with Strong Vision
Inspecting food defects in real-time throughout the world with Strong Vision