Marketing / Ad-Ops

Whether it's on the demand or supply side, we help companies make the most of impression- and user-level data to optimize their advertising efforts. Beyond advertising, we help companies optimize multi-channel outreach through automated, continuously-learning engagement platforms.

Improving's Ad Revenue By 31%

Strong Analytics partnered with, an IAC Publishing brand, to design and build a custom solution that could leverage machine learning to optimize ad pricing using impression- and bid-level data.

Our Expertise

We bring extensive cross-industry expertise to design, build, and deploy custom machine learning solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Optimize cross-platform campaigns by leveraging artificial intelligence to adapt and respond to your customers. Determine which are your most valuable customers and how to best engage them.

Data Science & Analytics

Improve the customer experience and gain insight into your users by analyzing customer behaviors and understanding their stages within the customer lifecycle.

Machine Learning

Implement bespoke customer segmentation models to personalize marketing and products.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Strong Analytics; their technical expertise is as deep as it is broad… in the case of complex, unstructured problems, they blazed a trail for us where there was none.”
Charlotte Daniels
Head of Data Science,
“As a growing startup, we found Strong Analytics' expertise to be invaluable in building a comprehensive and scalable data pipeline, warehousing, and analytics strategy.”
Ben Forgan
Founder, Hologram
“Strong Analytics helped Stash improve our marketing measurement and optimization with LifeTime Value (LTV) and Media Mix Modeling (MMM). They embedded with our team as an extension of our Data Engineering and Data Science practices and were extremely attentive, responsive, and thoughtful. In the course of just a few months, we supercharged our marketing measurement by implementing both models, and since then, we’ve substantially increased our return on ad spend.”
Tyler Pennell
SVP Growth,
“Partnering with Strong Analytics has taken ReUp further faster against our product vision than we could have anticipated. They are like rocket fuel for innovation, and our collaboration continues to deliver high-value data science initiatives thanks to their expertise and commitment to results.”
Zack Avshalomov
Head of Product, ReUp Education

How to Use Marketing Mix Modeling to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a powerful statistical approach that uses historical data to measure the impact of various marketing activities on a key performance indicator (KPI), such as sales or customer lifetime value (LTV), and then optimizes the allocation of future marketing budgets across channels.