With solutions ranging from multi-camera object tracking to behavior identification and process optimization, we help automotive companies stay ahead of the curve and build the next generation of vehicles with on-board AI.

Building the transport vehicle of tomorrow

Strong Analytics helped a global automotive company build the next generation of commercial vehicles using cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Our Expertise

We bring extensive cross-industry expertise to design, build, and deploy custom machine learning solutions.

Computer Vision

Leverage advanced computer vision to build applications that make sense of the world by identifying, segmenting, and tracking objects.

Deep Learning

Use state of the art deep learning models and machine vision for classification, recognition, tracking, and detection.

Artificial Intelligence

Build adaptive, intelligent systems that learn from the environment and get smarter over time.

“Strong was able to bring state-of-the-art computer vision and AI to bear on a challenge our organization has faced for over 100 years. Since our initial deployment, as new challenges and opportunities have arisen, Strong has remained a valued collaborative partner to Sunsweet.”
Harold Upton
Chief Information and Analytics Officer, Sunsweet Growers Inc.
“Our partnership with Strong has dramatically accelerated innovation at MBRDNA. They bring extreme technical capabilities, a creative and collaborative approach, and invaluable expertise to engineering challenges that push us forward in computer vision, AI, and machine learning.”
Naveen Sangeneni
Head of Engineering and CTO, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America