State-of-the-art machine learning and AI provide immense opportunity for manufacturers. We have implemented solutions ranging from computer vision tools for food manufacturers to real-time sensor analysis on production lines.

AI for manufacturing

Strong enables leading manufacturers to transform their business by leveraging machine learning and AI

Manufacturers continue to face growing demands to deliver quality goods while decreasing costs. Organizations that leverage machine learning and AI to improve their processes see increases in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational uptime. Strong's platforms and solutions enable manufacturers to rapidly build and integrate AI products and become industry leaders.

Real-time Food Inspection

Strong worked with a leading food manufacturing and packaging company to automate their inspection process using deep learning and computer vision.

Use Cases

Predictive Monitoring & Maintenance

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs with deeper insight into your machinery and assets. Leverage real time sensor readings and AI to predict when maintenance is necessary and anticipate parts failure.

Supply Chain Optimization

Better manage your supply chain and inventory with forecasts that integrate historical data, environmental factors, and recent trends. Empower your business to increase customer satisfaction by reducing manufacturing disruptions resulting from supplier delivery and quality issues.

Quality Inspection and Monitoring

Improve product quality with accurate and reliable visual inspection of parts and goods by leveraging computer vision and AI. Optimize operations with inspection that exceeds human-level accuracy in real time. Detect, classify, and segment defects in manufactured products to ensure only the highest quality items go to market.

Our Expertise

We bring extensive cross-industry expertise to design, build, and deploy custom machine learning solutions.

Computer Vision

Leverage advanced computer vision to build applications that make sense of the world by identifying, segmenting, and tracking objects.

Deep Learning

Use state of the art deep learning models and machine vision for classification, recognition, tracking, and detection.

Development and Data Architecture

Rapidly build and embed machine learning pipelines in software and web applications.

“Strong was able to bring state-of-the-art computer vision and AI to bear on a challenge our organization has faced for over 100 years. Since our initial deployment, as new challenges and opportunities have arisen, Strong has remained a valued collaborative partner to Sunsweet.”
Harold Upton
Chief Information and Analytics Officer, Sunsweet Growers Inc.
“Our partnership with Strong has dramatically accelerated innovation at MBRDNA. They bring extreme technical capabilities, a creative and collaborative approach, and invaluable expertise to engineering challenges that push us forward in computer vision, AI, and machine learning.”
Naveen Sangeneni
Head of Engineering and CTO, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

The State of Enterprise Machine Learning

Over the last decade, machine learning has rapidly infiltrated the enterprise world, riding on a tidal wave of expectations and optimism about how machine learning and data science can reshape big business.